25 October 2010


So Sunday, the pastor of our church had a sermon on waiting.  While I normally can take something out of every sermon (ok, most..), it's kind of rare that I feel I can really relate to the topic.

He began with Genesis 41, where Joseph is called upon in the pharaoh's court to interpret dreams.  V. 1a says "When two full years had passed.."  Two.  Full.  Years.  Ouch.  The background on this is about how Joseph had interpreted dreams for two of his fellow prisoners, and upon release, the kings cupbearer had promised to mention Joseph to Pharaoh so that Joseph might be released.  That was two years ago.  And Joseph still hadn't heard anything, and likely, had given up hope.

The pastor posed the question to us, the congregation: what are you waiting for?  How long have you been waiting?

I really don't have the greatest amount of patience in the world.  I mean, I have some..but when it comes to something I really want, the patience is pretty much gone and unheard of.  You can ask Jesse and my family about this..it's true.  But really, the things I want pale in comparison to being released from prison: and prisons back then were beyond worse than they are today.

Pastor continued by discussing the period of waiting, and how we should examine that time to look for lessons God might be trying to teach us along the way.  Additionally, it doesn't matter when we want things to happen..it's all about God's timing, which will always be when it will bring the most glory and honor to God.

I mean, I guess- and know from some experience- that the waiting can be hard.  But in the end, it will be worth it.  It will bring glory to God, and work out in the best possible way..even better than you had ever imagined.  Even when (maybe) two years have gone by, God still has your best interest at heart and knows what will be best.

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