12 August 2010

I finally decided that since I haven't written on this blog in several months it was high time to do so. Not that I have anything super important to say, but since it's my blog, I will say it anyway.

It's really been bothering me this summer how much people complain when they have been blessed with so much. I am 100% as guilty as the next guy, don't get me wrong, but I have really been working on this because it has been driving me up the wall. Jesse and I complain and make fun of the house we live in (because really..if you heard about our winter, you will understand why we do..) but then as soon as we are done I always try and be positive and say "but I really feel fortunate that we HAVE a place to live." Which is definitely true. As annoying as it is to have paid over $300 some months for gas to heat our small house, and to still feel/see snow coming through the windows after I've put plastic over them..and to lose feeling in my feet when walking around in the kitchen too long with no slippers on, we have a place to live. Which is more than a lot of people can say right now. We have the money to pay our bills and pay them on time..so why do we complain?

Why do people complain in general? Is it so other people will feel sorry for them and say "oh yes, your life is so much worse then mine is" and so the complainer will be the center of attention? I love where I work and the people I work with..but one day as I was working, I got to listen to one of my supervisors complain for the majority of my shift about how rough things were for her right then. She was on the phone most of the time and every person she talked to got the same speech: my husband is in this hospital, so and so is in this other hospital and this other relative is in this third hospital; I have a migraine; I have so much work to get done and all I want to do is go home; I have it the worst for real (an actual phrase she said). Okay..if you're THAT busy, HANG UP THE PHONE AND GET STUFF DONE!? And I'm sorry your husband and family are in the hospital..but they're alive right?

I know it's hard sometimes to see the silver lining. Sometimes it seems the lining is seriously black and there is nothing positive to be seen for miles and years. Truth is..even when it is dark and bleak, there is still that lining. You are alive, you have your health..you're not living on the street. And honestly, if you're reading this, you have enough money for a computer, right? You're not having to pawn off your possessions to make ends meet. I've been working on this line of thinking this summer, and I think/hope I'm doing better. Yes, I may go through some rough times, but God is still by my side blessing me abundantly. And I'm sure He is right next to you too, regardless of what you're going through. That should be enough to make you smile and realize, hey, I don't have it that bad I guess..

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  1. Thanks for writing this ... I needed to hear it! :)