26 April 2010

God provides

God provides: a concept that we, as Christians, all know and try so hard to grasp and accept in our lives. During the high points in our life, it's so easy to point to God as the source of the goodness..but what about in the lower points? When your faith is really being tested, is it as easy to say that you trust God and know He is going to take care of you in His timing? Even if everything seems to be going well and you feel you're at a "high point" in your life, there are still the bumps along the way that test your faith in Him.

Right now, I would consider myself at a higher point in my life. It seems so many exciting things are happening and everything (for the most part) is going well. But of course, there is the Debbie Downer of money. And I hate money I have decided. With all Jesse and my trips we've been taking, our budget has been thrown completely out of whack and we've over spent in some areas and other areas (like groceries? oops) have gone neglected to try and compensate for the over spending. But, now that we're sticking around home for awhile, we're really focusing on getting back on track and having extra money at the end of the month to go towards a down payment for a house. All this to say, we're trying to be really strict with our money and only spend what we have allotted ourselves in the budget. This morning, I realized we had to pay the water bill. No big deal, I knew there was money in the bank account, so I went ahead and paid it, but when I looked at our budget, what I saw was that we put in $8 less each month then was needed to cover the total amount. I was kind of crushed because I had no idea where the extra $8 was going to come from (Don't worry, we really have enough money to cover our bills, it's just a matter of staying within some strict boundaries of a budget). So I looked in the water bill portion of the budget and there was the EXACT amount in there that we needed. The entire amount. Obviously, last month had been a little cheaper and we hadn't used the whole amount so we had some rollover, but still. The whole amount was there.

What do you do in those situations? I realized quickly that we had been billed less last month then was normal so we had a little extra, but does that mean I can just write it off as a coincidence? Probably.. and I'm sure a lot of people do. But this morning, I realized it was God taking care of us and thanked Him for His faithfulness.

I was blown away. And I'm sure this post is rambling and out of order and may not make sense, so I'm not going to proof read it. Just bear with me. The moral of the story is, God provides, even in the smallest ways we can see it and feel that He is watching out for us. The end.

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