06 April 2010


Timing is sure a funny thing. Some people just always seem to get it right and those are the people I envy. Occasionally I feel that my timing is just spot on and things fall exactly into place as God opens and closes doors to show me to where to go. Other times, I feel that it doesn't matter what in the world I do, my timing is just off.

Today, my timing was off. Literally. But it's all okay.
I had a job interview and for whatever reason, I thought it was at 1130, not 11. So obviously at 1106 when I decided to double check in my planner with who I was meeting, I had an extreme panic attack since I was obviously already late. I called the lady, explained the situation and got on the road.

What is it about timing? How come some days all the pieces just seem to fall perfectly into place and you feel like you barely have to do anything but float through life? I kind of felt like that with the two jobs I had in AZ..the first one, we were driving by a strip mall on the way to do some hiking and I saw a sign that said "now hiring" for a restaurant that was opening soon. On the way back from the hike, we stopped in so I could apply. Had an impromptu interview (yes, in sweaty hiking clothes..I leave good first impressions) and off we went. A day or so later I got a call back for a second interview and I was hired. That was sure easy..the other job, just as easy. I was working at the first job and some of the regulars came through the line so I asked what they did. Turns out, they worked at the gym right down the street from my house and the one who worked in the child center was looking for some one to hire. Done and done.

But you know what? Timing isn't really in our hands. Sure, we can control when we wake up in the morning and when you actually leave for an interview so you aren't late. However, the end result isn't in our hands. I was texting my sister and we discussed that it doesn't matter if I showed up on time today or not, I either was going to get the job or not: it was in God's hands. If I wasn't meant to get it, I wouldn't have gotten it even if I did show up on time.

The moral of the story is this: it's not in your hands. You could have the best timing in the world and still not get the job, or win the game or do something else really big. You could also have horrible timing and still win. The point is, it's not all up to you, so don't stress. Leave the timing to someone who has always had it right.

And by the way, I still think the interview went super well and I'm pretty sure she loved me. We'll see I guess..

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  1. thanks for this reminder :) i'm terrible at remembering i don't have control over timing. i'll be praying for your interview.