13 June 2009

And your priorities are where?

Yes, I realize it has roughly been forever since I last posted. Deal with it, life happens, and I had nothing to say. This has now changed.

So I listen to a talk show radio station. I'm not really sure how to describe it, but it's really interesting to me, and often catches my attention as the hosts explain little bits about what is going on in the country. Obviously it has a lot to do with politics and individual perceptions on what all is going on. However, what really caught my notice the other day was the discussion about what would happen if you lost your job.

A "sub" host recently lost his job at a different radio station. The co-host was asking how he felt, what he was going to do, etc. The guy who lost his job was commenting that it was kind of nice being able to bum around and live off his severance package for awhile. He wasn't looking for a job yet, but he would, and until then he was just kind of "bumming around." What struck me as so odd was the focus that came up on such lame materialistic things.
Pet peeve #1: materialistic people.
Through the discussion, the host that had lost his job was talking about how he might have to get rid of his pool and lawn service. I mean, yes, this is Arizona and pretty much everyone has a pool..but can't you just take care of it yourself? Has the United States become THAT lazy that we (as Americans) can't take care of our own stuff? I was kind of appalled..when I (we) own property, I'm pretty darn certain that *we* will be taking care of it. All of it. I understand, the lawn service people are great, they need jobs too, blah blah blah. But..this is a guy. With a family. He needs a lawn service? He is too busy to take care of his OWN lawn? Yards in Arizona aren't that big people..and they rarely have grass. He had to cut down on his lawn service AND his pool service..ouch. How in the world will these things be taken care of..

As Americans, this seems to be the trend: lose job. Obtain severance package. Live off of severance package for a few months, while cutting back on the frequency of Starbucks visits. Think about getting another job. Then what? What happened to being proactive and actually taking care of yourself? Personally, I know Jesse and I want to be able to eventually have enough money in the bank to live for 6 months if neither of us had jobs. This talk show host? Said he might be able to make 3. MIGHT be able to.

Is this the new American way? I know this was just one guy..it just really hit me wrong. I know that not everyone is lazy: I know so many people who aren't, and work hard for everything they have. But..where are the priorities in life? Is it behind the "stuff" or behind what is really important, such as, oh I don't know, survival? When push comes to shove, it's going to be survival of the fittest and the government won't be able to print enough money to bail the whole country out. Where are most Americans putting all their money? Jesse and I recently went to visit a big city- which will remain anonymous- and we were struck with how materialistic it all felt. Everything revolved around being entertained and the actual city. We hated it to be honest.

Where are your priorities? What do you want to spend your money on? Is it for the immediate pleasure that will soon pass, or is it delayed gratification? This is equally hard for me, especially when I want something new, so I'm not saying I'm above this. I know that what the talk show was discussing just hit me wrong, but it really got me thinking about what and how I prioritize things I "need" versus things I "want."

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  1. You ask if that is the new American dream. I say that it is the same dream with a new wrapping. What is the American dream but a search for safety. A safe job, a safe neighborhood, a safe paycheck. The American Dream is about making apathy look like something noble. But in the end, its really about one thing: not wanting (or knowing how) to really LIVE.