05 October 2012

favorite photo/October 5

This week's favorite photo was taken at a wooden park in Zanesville.  Besides the fact that it's a family picture and I get so few of them, there is another reason it's my hands down favorite of the week:
 It's the park where Jesse and I also got engaged ('07).

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Lily hung out with Dad and Grandpa for the day.  When I text to ask how things were going, this was the response I got: Lily (and Grandpa) in a tree stand.  Boys.
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yep, someone was proud of her big girl panties
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we LOVE George in this house!
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we tried rice cereal.  she hates it.

ps to family (and friends that feel they are family or just really love my girls.  if I find you creepy, you won't be included): I will email you originals of any of my pictures to print so the quality is better.  Just throwing that out there.


  1. I realize that Jesse was about my age when you got engaged (or close to my age, anyhow), but he looks like he's 12.

  2. 10/3 Emma looks so much like K that I had to do a double take. Also, totally checked out the engagement to family pictures a couple times to confirm you were wearing different clothes because you don't look a day older. Just saying, that's how well three different states, almost five years of marriage, two babies, and countless moves have treated you. I'm largely jealous, and that's the truth.