22 June 2012

favorite photo friday

I need some input: should I continue posting daily pictures of Lily [when I get around to it once a month] and add pictures of Emma in, too?  So daily pictures of both the girls?  Or just daily pictures of Emma?  I can easily do both, I just need to catch up on Lily from before Emma was born and stay on top of it so I don't overwhelm you [and our poor internet] with 40 pictures..

This week's favorite: it was hard to choose.

5 days


  1. Ummm definitely both girls!! And I doubt you will ever overwhelm your readers with too many pictures of lily and emma :)

  2. Love to see the girls as they grow, Lily is sooooooo much fun to watch, and I definitely want to see Emma grow. Just do what you can though, you are going to have your hands full.