13 January 2012

January 13


12/29- helping get the bath ready

12/31- embracing Aunt Patty's New Years tradition of banging pots and pans

1/1/12- exploring the outside with Uncle Don

1/2- ah, cold mac n cheese..

1/5- Denver airport

1/6- helping decorate the church
 And for those of you who have been following all the pictures I've taken for the past year, my first post was on 1/8/11 with a picture from 1/7 and 1/8.  So here are this years, compared to last years.  
1/7/12- helping Kristen get ready
1/8/12- someone was tiiiiiiired.
stinkin' cute, I say.  Back to 2012..
1/9- playing with a potato


1/12- learning gun safety with Daddy's new .308

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