05 December 2011

December 5

So.  I've missed a few days.  And Mom is going to email me pictures from yesterday and the day before (12/3-4), so I don't have those, but they're coming!  I thought for sure I had been keeping up on these pretty well, but apparently, that's not the case or I deleted one too many pictures off my camera before getting them to the computer.  Regardless..
11/22- the first band-aid.  that lasted about 2 minutes. 
11/24- Thanksgiving day 
11/24- chasing Daddy

11/27- when I tried to put a diaper and clothes on her, she took off running, yelling "no, no no!"



11/29- this would be when she found the cereal cabinet and decided to walk around the house with the cereal of her choosing.

11/30- helping put stuff in the attic



12/5- playing with the newly lit tree :)

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  1. And when she ran away without her diaper and clothes your first reaction wasn't "I need to go get Lily" it was "Camera! Need picture!" I love that. :)