12 March 2010


Are you a dreamer? Not dreamer in the sense of the word like dreaming about the future and thinking up wonderful adventures for your life. Dreaming as in when you sleep. Obviously, science is now claiming that everyone dreams every night, and fine, whatever, that's fine and dandy, but I rarely remember said dreams.

On the occasions that I remember my dreams when I wake up, people I know have always been present, and they aren't really dreams where we go and are running away from zombies or anything. When I was minoring in psychology, I spent some time studying Freud. For the most part, I think he's full of nonsense..but there probably is some truth in the things he says. Freud was a big believer in the meaning of dreams: every dream had a meaning. So on the morning that I wake up remembering a dream, I always wonder what Freud would have said about it, normally making me laugh. However, I have had some pretty disturbing dreams..not horror quality, but more dreams about people I care about or have cared about in the past. Having one last night, I woke up pretty uneasy..what am I supposed to do with that?

The end result when I remember my dreams is that I pray for the people in them. Even if my friends look different then real life, in my dreams I know that is who they are, and there is a reason that they were in my unconsciousness. Even if I don't know what's going on in their lives..

This post really doesn't have a conclusion..I just had an unsettling dream last night and needed to write some thoughts about it.


  1. thanks for the book recommendation :) i dream ALL the time and remember very vividly. like weird wacked out dreams and i never am able to interpret them. jordan's mom is a great dream interpreter and their church leads a class that does dream interpretation which helps. it IS cool though when i am able to see the spiritual signifigance behind what i dreamt about. cool you pray for people in your dreams, i do that too.

  2. oh yeah- i thought i recognized dave ramsey's name, jordan went through his other book, financial peace, with his church and really liked it a lot, just to let you know :)