10 November 2009

ugh. junk.

Moving has a funny way of making one realize how incredibly blessed/spoiled one's life is. I mean, Jesse and I had to pack up all our earthly possessions to get from AZ to WV and it took the work of two trucks and a huge trailer. Why so much junk? Yes, to make our lives "comfortable" but there are so, SO many people in the world who are completely content if not happier with so much less then we have!
Unpacking the boxes gives you time to examine the contents of your life closely. With each item that is removed from the carefully, or not so carefully, packed box, one can determine it's importance. "Do I need to find a place for this in the new home, or can I leave it boxed up and in storage somewhere for later?"
The unfortunate reality is, Jesse and I have too much stuff! What needs to happen is we need to go through all of our junk that was not deemed "needed at the present time" and just give it away! Have I done this? Of course not. I've thrown away a lot of stuff we don't need, but the still useable stuff- items that others could make use of?- still neatly packed. What is it about the human race that makes us hoarders? Jesse is not a pack-rat by any means, yet we still have just soooo much stuff! It's ridiculous!
Why? What is it about Americans, in general, that want to keep useless possessions and acquire more?

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